SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 compliance is part of the Service Organization Control reporting platform of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). It aims to ensure that systems can assure security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and data privacy.

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 requires that companies document and follow comprehensive information security policies and procedures. These policies and procedures should include the following: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of data stored in the cloud. Auditors will be able to ask to review these policies and procedures.

What does it mean to meet SOC 2 requirements?

Compliance with SOC 2 requires keeping an eye on any unusual, unauthorised, or suspicious activity, often at the level of system configuration and user access. Both known malicious activity (e.g. phishing schemes, inappropriate access) and unknown malicious activity (e.g. a zero-day threat, a new type of misuse) must be monitored. By establishing a baseline of normal activity in the cloud environment, aberrations will become clear. A continuous security monitoring service is the best way to track these anomalies.

Benefits of SOC 2 compliance

Brand Reputation

SOC 2 Certification is evidence that an organisation has taken all necessary measures to prevent a data breach. This fosters credibility and enhances its brand reputation.

Competitive Edge

Holding a SOC 2 Certification/ Attestation undoubtedly gives your business an edge. Other businesses prefer partnering with vendors who have demonstrated a commitment to preventing data breaches. Many require vendors to complete a SOC 2 Audit to prove their security. When you hold SOC 2 Certification, you hold an advantage over competitors who lack certification.

Marketing Advantage

No matter what a company claims, it can’t prove its security without passing a SOC 2 Audit and obtaining a SOC 2 Certificate. Not only does SOC 2 Certification give you an edge over your uncertified competitors, it is a great selling point. Your organisation can proudly market your adherence to rigorous standards with SOC 2 Audit and Certification.

Be a Preferred Choice

Many businesses prefer working with SOC 2 Certified vendors. Thus, for organisations seeking business growth, having SOC 2 Certification is crucial.

ISO 27001 is Easily Attainable

Since the requirements for ISO 27001 are very similar to the requirements for SOC 2, being SOC 2 certified will make ISO 27001 easily attainable. Of course, clearing a SOC 2 Audit doesn’t automatically grant ISO 27001 certification, but we can help you get there.

Operating Effectiveness

SOC 2 Audits mandate testing operational effectiveness and recording evidence over the course of six months. SOC 2 Audits ensure high standards for information security in operation.

Improved Services

By undergoing a SOC 2 Audit, you can improve your organisation's security measures and streamline operational efficiency. This will also lead to better customer service.

Assured Security

SOC 2 Audit & Attestation/Certification assures customers that the organisation meets established security criteria, is protected against any unauthorised access, and has implemented measures to prevent data breaches.

Regulatory Compliance

SOC 2 requirements are already in sync with HIPAA and ISO 27001 certification. Once your organisation is up to speed with SOC 2, achieving compliance with other regulatory standards will be a piece of cake. 

Our Approach to SOC 2
Advisory and Attestation Services


Define the scope and the Trust Services Criterion applicable to your organisation, by understanding your business operations, controls, and systems.

Gap Analysis

Identify your organisation’s shortfalls in comparison to the SOC 2 standards.


Awareness Training

Conduct a brief SOC 2 Awareness Training program for your organisation.


Asset Inventory

Identify and classify critical information assets in an Asset Inventory.

Risk Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive Risk Assessment to identify weak areas and loopholes that could endanger your organisation’s critical assets.


Risk Treatment

Our experts rank the risks identified and help you strategies appropriate Risk Treatment measures.

Remediation support

Our process and tech team will collaborate with your team for the policy rollout.


SOC 2 Document Set

Create the policy and procedure Document Set with your team’s input and approval.


User Training

A User Training program for all personnel and their specific responsibilities. SAMEC will provide all training documents.


After a reasonable waiting period, a separate team of experts conducts a Pre-assessment of your setup and measures implemented.


Once all controls are in place, our US-based CPA auditor will audit your processes to confirm adherence to the SOC 2 requirements.

Continual Support

If needed, we are happy to extend our continual support by offering our Managed Compliance Services to help your organisation stay certified.

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