Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Management Services

What we want—as much as you do—is to protect your business by making sure your organisation’s information security compliance requirements are all up to the safest standards possible.

A Shifting Landscape

With a decentralised workforce (a necessity driven by COVID-19), your security needs are no longer limited to the office network. With remote workers on the rise, the information security landscape has abruptly shifted focus—from an office hub to many homes.


While working from home can benefit employees and safeguard against infection, it can also be a nightmare for cybersecurity. It can present a major headache for a business that simply wants to figure out the logistics of complying with rigorous information security standards and demonstrating compliance down to the nitty-gritty details.


SAMEC Information Technology Services is a natural addition to our Compliance division. Our complete suite of business solutions serves as a “one stop shop” for businesses across a range of industries to meet their technology and infrastructure needs.


Our clients can now receive help with information security management, data and networking, and business cloud solutions.

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Managed Services

SAMEC Managed Services is a hybrid of insource and outsource.


Our IT consultant team works hand in glove with your management and staff, the same way an in-house IT department would.

Here's how we can help:

  • IT Support

  • Cloud Services

  • Infrastructure design, implementation, management

  • Security 

  • Network

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • Virtualisation

 IT Security & Networking

Virtually every business handles, processes, or stores information. Whether internal operational information, personnel data, or confidential client details, such information must always be available and safeguarded.

Here is how we can help: 

  • Managed Security Services

  • Security Assessment (discover vulnerabilities and evaluate the risks and effectiveness of controls)

  • Network Protection

  • Firewall Management (traffic)

  • Physical security (CCTV, access management)

  • Data Lost Prevention, Asset Management

  • Network Monitoring

  • Identity Management

  • Policy Management

  • Intrusion Protection

  • Unified Threat Management

Cloud Solutions, Backup and Data Recall

In partnership with Veeam, we can develop a seamless backup, replication, and disaster recovery (DR) process for your critical IT applications on any cloud and any platform. Protect your mission-critical data and centrally manage and monitor the process.

Here is how we can help: 

  • Cloud Backup

  • Choose the geo-location of your data (to comply with local regulations and privacy of information as applicable)

  • Automatic backup (SQL, Exchange, and other critical applications)

  • Private or Public Cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud

  • Migration

  • Backup and monitoring

  • Management and Maintenance

What Our Partnership Offers You

Proactive Threats Protection

  • Detection and Response

  • Threat Protection

  • Continuous Testing

ICT Strategy and Architecture

  • Security Maturity Assessment

  • ICT Architecture Review

ICT Integration and Transformation

  • Expertise

  • Process

  • Technology

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